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Carolyn Ebersole ’14

Carolyn Ebersole“Syracuse is as big as you want to make it,” Carolyn Ebersole ’14 says, reflecting on advice she received from an alumnus at the beginning of her college career. “He was right too—it doesn’t feel as big as it might seem at first. I meet new people all the time, but I’m also still friends with people I’ve known since freshman year.”   

A resident of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Ebersole came to Syracuse University intent on studying aerospace engineering. But when she decided to transfer into the international relations program, the process of switching majors made her appreciate SU’s size. “As a bigger school, SU provided the flexibility to take classes in many different subjects, and when I transferred to international relations most of the engineering courses I’d completed also fulfilled the core requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences,” she says.

Now a senior, Ebersole is grateful for the variety of options SU provided and the guidance she received. “There are a variety of different courses, majors, and opportunities like study abroad, and my advisors were always willing to work with me and figure out how to piece all of the parts together,” she says. “I also like the fact that my friends are all studying different things. I wouldn’t have had that variety at a school that focused specifically on engineering.”

Beyond her education, Ebersole has enjoyed the connections she’s made. “I love the fact that current students and SU alumni are all very proud of the school, and everyone I meet knows someone connected with SU,” she says. “Even on one of the study abroad trips, we met someone in the Netherlands who worked with an SU grad. Thanks to SU, whenever I meet someone new there’s almost always a mutual connection.”