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Emily Meltzer ’15

Emily MeltzerSyracuse University had everything Emily Meltzer ’15 sought in a college. SU’s wide variety of academic programs made it the perfect setting, since the Newton, Massachusetts, resident wasn’t sure what she wanted to study. She also looked for a school with a lot of spirit, where she could get involved in Greek life.

Once she got past its size, SU really felt like home. “I attended a small high school, so coming to SU was a scary thought at first. I feared I’d get lost in the big school environment, but that didn’t happen,” Meltzer says. “Through classes, Greek life, and living in the dorms, I never once felt lost or like I didn’t know people.”

SU’s level of school spirit lived up to Meltzer’s expectations too. “I think SU really does ‘bleed orange,’” she says. “Everyone loves to support the school and is part of the community. I also love how SU feels very diverse, yet you don’t ever feel excluded.”

Now entering her junior year, Meltzer is pursuing a degree in retail management at the Whitman School of Management and genuinely enjoying her studies. “SU’s professors really love what they teach. Their passion for the subject matter is obvious, and I really feel that what I’m learning is important to my future,” she says.

Most important, Meltzer has experienced personal growth during her time on campus. “I’ve learned to advocate for myself and speak up, whether I’m in a large lecture hall or building relationships with my professors by going for extra help,” she says. “This confidence has changed me in such a positive way, and it’s a quality that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”