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2016-17 Alumni Club Board of Directors

Your Club officers are ready to help!

At its recent meeting, the SU Alumni Club of Boston elected a new slate of officers for this year, and they encourage all area alumni to stay in touch.

Have ideas for a new event? Want to help serve on one of the club committees? Or are you simply looking for more information about the SU Alumni Club of Boston? Contact your officers anytime!

Executive Officers

President: Samantha Lordi ’07

Vice President: Zack Goldberg ’05
Secretary: Jessica Lewis ’15
Finance Co-Chair: Jason Edinger ’06
Finance Co-Chair: Kaled Rocha ’11
Community Service Co-Chair:Briana Palma ’09
Community Service Co-Chair: Elizabeth Talerico ’04 
Marketing Chair: Kristen Carbone ’12
Social Media Chair:Allison Matthews ’03
Sports Co-Chair: Allison DePesa ’03
Sports Co-Chair:Neil Winston ’14
Networking Co-Chair: Jonathan Crawley ’06
Networking Co-Chair: Jake Doue ’12
Networking Co-Chair: Howard Sholkin ’72
Generation Orange Chair: Amanda Canavatchel ’14
At-large board member:Anna Borkowski ’07