Joe Goldberg ’07

Joe GoldbergJoe Goldberg ’07 may be a New England native, but he bleeds Orange. “My four years at Syracuse University were such a paramount time in my life. I loved being there, and staying connected with the University after graduation has been of utmost importance to me,” he says. “The sense of unity and pride that all SU students, faculty, and alumni share is invaluable. I was proud to be a student, and to this day I feel a sense of pride when I tell someone I went to SU.”

After growing up in Londonderry, New Hampshire, Goldberg earned dual degrees in marketing management and finance from SU’s Whitman School of Management, and he’s grateful for the leadership skills he gained there. “My SU experience shaped me into the person I am today,” he says. “I can honestly attribute all of my personal and professional achievements since graduation to my time at SU.”

A Brookline, Massachusetts, resident, Goldberg currently works in accounting and auditing as a senior associate for Samet & Company. He credits the Whitman School with giving him the tools to succeed in his career and, for that reason, he gives back to the school. “While there are many different organizations and causes I feel that I could support, the management school has a very special place in my heart. I believe that my years in that school instilled in me excellent values and a superb education,” Goldberg says.

As someone who grew up in and returned to New England, Goldberg is happy to play a role in expanding SU’s Boston-area presence. “It’s important to develop and sustain a social and professional connection to local Syracuse University alumni,” he says. “I also believe that by giving back and supporting efforts in the Boston region, New England alumni can help SU to grow and maintain its admirable reputation.”

Thankful for what he calls an unforgettable college experience, Goldberg feels close to SU, even from five hours away, thanks to local alumni. “My connection to Syracuse University is a strong one that will last forever, and I want future students to have the same experience I had while attending SU,” he says “A strong alumni base is key to ensuring that it happens.”