Zack Goldberg ’05

Zack GoldbergWith orange as his favorite color growing up, Zack Goldberg ’05 was always on the path to Syracuse University. But as a teenager looking at colleges, SU’s variety of opportunities sealed the deal.

“I wasn’t quite ready to commit to a direction for my professional career, and with multiple educational paths available, Syracuse enabled me to embark on my college experience with an open mind,” Goldberg says.

A big sports fan, Goldberg will never forget the excitement and school spirit during the 2003 men’s basketball national championship, but his most meaningful experiences lie in the lifelong friendships he forged at Syracuse.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, the Boston native looked west.

“I was always interested in Las Vegas and the intricacies of the gaming industry, and felt sociology put me in a good position to build a career in the business,” Goldberg says. “After four winters in Central New York, the sunshine and golf courses were just a bonus!”

Goldberg enjoyed 10 years in Las Vegas, but he regrets not actively participating in or trying to grow the Syracuse alumni network in the city—a lesson he took to heart when deciding to return to Boston.

“I was looking for a new professional challenge outside of the gaming industry and wanted to be closer to family and friends. Prior to my relocation, I attended an alumni event in Boston, which was a panel discussion on career transition,” Goldberg says. “I gained valuable knowledge for my own transition and met fellow alumni and members of the club board. After attending the event, I knew I wanted to play an active role in the alumni community.”

Goldberg moved back to his hometown, excited to live in a larger metropolitan area with more traditional city benefits. He wanted to get involved in a smaller company with a startup culture. In August 2015, Goldberg joined Fasten, a Boston-based ride sharing startup that offers drivers higher compensation and recognition. As head of driver operations, he leads the team in recruiting, financial operations, and quality assurance. Since its launch at the end of 2015, Fasten has expanded operations to Austin, Texas.

Goldberg has also seized the opportunity to get involved with the Syracuse University Alumni Club of Boston. He started out serving on the club board’s alumni committee, meeting others who share his passion for Syracuse. Today he’s vice president for the club and enjoys giving back to the SU community, which has meant so much to him. Currently, he’s working with Syracuse’s Office of Career Services to make Fasten a partner in a new Boston-area student immersion program, expected to launch in 2017.

“I was thrilled to learn about the immersion program and thought Fasten would be a great fit for Syracuse students to learn about the diversity of business in the Boston area,” Goldberg says. “I’m excited to share how each employee of a startup business is involved in several facets of the operation and hope to provide insight that helps these students find their passion.”