Megan Wittenberger ’08

Megan WittenbergerDeciding to attend college almost a thousand miles away from her Midwest home was the first major life decision that took Megan Wittenberger ’08 out of her comfort zone. But her leap of faith paid off, and today the South Boston resident credits everything about her life and her flourishing public relations career to four amazing years at Syracuse University.

“I learned from the best professors, traveled the world, and formed lifelong friendships with my classmates,” Wittenberger says. “My experiences at SU led me to completely pick up my life and move to Boston!”

After graduating from SU’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, Wittenberger worked in Boston-based public relations agencies, focusing on consumer, healthcare, and technology clients. Since 2012, she’s held a position in the public relations department at Carbonite, a leading provider of cloud backup for small businesses and consumers.

“I got my first two jobs out of college through SU connections, and I firmly believe Newhouse is the best place for someone to study and learn the ropes of the communications industry,” Wittenberger says. “There’s a reason why just having that school on your résumé can get you an interview. Newhouse does an outstanding job of preparing students for the workforce, from making them work for real clients, to résumé reviews, to providing career guidance and support.”

Beyond her Newhouse connections, Wittenberger says SU’s alumni network is impressive. “Nearly every time I walk into a meeting with a Syracuse mug, someone asks me about my alma mater, tells me they know someone who went there, or jokingly makes a crack about our sports teams. Being an alumna of such a nationally respected institution has absolutely opened doors for me.”

Knowing the importance of a strong network, Wittenberger has been active in SU’s Alumni Club of Boston for the past three years, and today she serves as the club’s vice president. She considers it a mutually beneficial relationship.

“SU in Boston allows me to keep connected to the Syracuse University community in a way I didn’t know was possible when I walked across the stage at graduation five years ago,” she says. “Additionally SU’s regional office brings many programs, speakers, and events to New England alumni throughout the year. Supporting SU means that these events can continue, and we can ensure future graduates will experience the same camaraderie.”

Now one of Wittenberger’s goals is to help current students and recent graduates make the most of SU’s extensive network in Boston. She dedicates time to meet with soon-to-be graduates and organizes networking events for current students and Boston-area Generation Orange alumni—ever mindful of the difference SU made in her life.

“If I hadn’t gone to SU, I wouldn’t have taken the risks that led me to live in Boston, work in my dream job, or travel internationally,” Wittenberger says. “SU helped me gain the confidence to venture out on my own, the social network to ensure I wasn’t friendless when I got out here, and the networking opportunities that helped me begin a successful career in PR. Simply put, SU is the best place in the world.”