Muss Akram ’10

Muss AkramIn Boston, a city known for its many colleges and universities, Muss Akram ’10 takes great pride in being an SU alum. “SU may be New York’s college team, but we have a strong regional presence here in the Boston area, contributing to the city’s diversity with world-class alumni in a range of fields,” he says. “People who bleed Orange work hard each day to make Boston a better place to call home.”

Akram credits SU with putting him on the right track to a successful career. He earned dual degrees in chemical engineering and international relations at SU before completing graduate work at Cornell University. Today Akram is an energy consulting manager at PowerAdvocate, where he develops and implements strategic sourcing initiatives for utility and oil and gas clients. He has previous experience as a chemical engineer in the design of upstream and downstream oil, gas, condensate, and liquid pipelines.

“SU provided a platform for me to build upon and add experiences, and it remains the very foundation of my life in many ways,” Akram says. “I learned how individuals of different backgrounds can come together to form a community. Furthermore, the ability to work with people from all walks of life enabled much of my professional and personal growth.”

Akram continues to be amazed by the people of SU, especially those from the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science and the alumni network that extends beyond campus and around the world. It’s also the reason why he chooses to give back.

As a new member of the Boston Regional Council, Akram supports the College of Engineering and local efforts in Boston. “SU was instrumental in launching my career and pointing me in the right direction. I want this great institution to continue providing the same value for others, which in turn can lead to more esteemed professionals in the Greater Boston Area,” he says.

Akram believes all alumni have a responsibility to ensure that quality educational opportunities continue. “It was the vision of those who came before us that helped create SU and gave us the platform for our starts,” he says. “It’s on us to do the same for future students, so the SU community can keep coming together and providing an interconnected world for generations to come.”