Allan Apjohn ’09

Allan ApjohnAllan Apjohn ’09, a media supervisor at advertising agency mediahub/Mullen in Boston, traces the beginning of his career to the moment he declared his major in advertising at the Newhouse School. “That line item on my resume has constantly received a good deal of attention and been a talking point with most professionals who know the Newhouse reputation for excellence,” he says. “Having professors with real-life industry experience in class was extremely beneficial in providing a leg up on graduates from other schools looking to get agency jobs during the height of the recession.” As a student, the two summer internships he worked at Boston agencies gave him industry experience, and after graduation he received a job offer at Havas, a global communications and marketing firm. A desire for full-service agency experience led him to Mullen and a position in mediahub, the agency’s media arm.

An avid SU sports fan, Apjohn enjoys keeping in touch with local alumni to ensure a continued foundation of Orange support within the greater Boston area. Given the University’s recent move to the Atlantic Coast Conference, he’s looking forward to the area’s Orange fans being more vocal and spirited than those of rival Boston College at local games. “Fans turned out in full for the basketball game last winter and I expect even more at this year’s football game on Thanksgiving weekend,” he says. Apjohn shares his experience and enthusiasm for all things Orange with other alumni in the Boston area, especially those seeking work in his field. “I love having the opportunity to help recent graduates get their foot in the door in the Boston market,” he says. “After the last Boston networking event, I was able to help a member of the Class of ’14 get a job at mediahub/Mullen.”

Attending Syracuse University was a “privilege” for Apjohn, who followed in the footsteps of his father, Nelson Apjohn ’78, and twin brothers Andrew and Eric Apjohn, Class of 2006. “Some of my earliest memories as a child were watching SU basketball and football games and learning at a very early age what it means to bleed Orange,” he says. “Attending Syracuse University was always a top priority for me, and my time there was some of the best time of my life.” One of his most cherished memories is when SU beat number-one ranked UConn in the quarterfinals of the 2006 Big East tournament. “I was watching the game with one of my brothers and some other friends and the excitement level on campus was rising with every passing minute of the game, he says. “When we won, the entire campus went bananas. It’s always great to beat UConn, but beating them when they are the top-ranked team in the nation is even better.”