Sean Ellis ’09

Sean EllisUnlike many of his friends and coworkers, Boston resident Sean Ellis ’09 doesn’t live in his alma mater’s backyard. But SU’s strong presence in the region enables him to stay connected to both the University and his many fellow Orange fans in the Boston area.

“The Syracuse alumni network means so much to me,” Ellis says. “It’s amazing to see the passion and energy a four-year experience can instill in someone. Being able to use a shared experience and move beyond the small talk of a typical introduction is extremely powerful.”

Ellis moved to Boston after earning a dual bachelor’s degree in finance and supply chain management at SU. After a stint as senior divisional operations analyst for office supply giant Staples, he moved up to a senior associate position in the advisory services practice at McGladrey LLP, the country’s largest provider of middle-market assurance, tax, and consulting services.

“I believe Syracuse University laid the foundation of who I am today,” he explains. “Many of my classes were focused on teaching you ‘how to fish,’ rather than giving you the daily catch.” As a result, Ellis left SU with the tools to differentiate himself early on in his career. “The practical experience I gained in being a leader and working as part of a team was invaluable, from day one of my job.”

Attending SU not only transformed the way Ellis thought about his education, it ignited the drive that gets him through the challenges he faces today. And his experience as a member of SU’s men’s swim team had as big and lasting an impact as the curriculum.

“Many of my closest friends were my teammates at SU,” he says. “While NCAA athletics is a special experience for anyone, being an athlete at Syracuse was unique, given the history and success of its many programs. My time there shaped the way I manage my day-to-day life and my interactions with others.”

Ellis shares his pride in SU and his experiences as a young alum as his way of giving back. “Right now, most of my financial resources go toward my cost of living,” he explains. “But I am able to give time and advice, making sure that prospective students consider Syracuse and advising current students and recent grads on making the transition from student to professional. SU made an investment in by giving me the chance to graduate from a nationally ranked supply chain program. This is my way of giving back.”