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Who got their start at SU?

Nearly 12,000 people in the Boston area can say they got their start at Syracuse University. Armed with their degrees and shaped by their experiences on and off the SU campus, these individuals are making a difference and finding success in Boston and beyond. Meet Muss Akram ’10, Joe Goldberg ’07, Alan Goodman ’72, Kristen Krikorian ’99, Bob Mitchell ’75, and Megan Wittenberger ’08 by clicking on their names below!

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  • Muss Akram ’10  photo

    Muss Akram ’10

    In Boston, a city known for its many colleges and universities, Muss Akram ’10 takes great pride in being an SU alum. “SU may be New York’s college team, but we have a strong regional presence here in the Boston area, contributing to the city’s diversity with world-class alumni in a range of fields,” he says. “People who bleed Orange work hard each day to make Boston a better place to call home.”
  • Joe Goldberg ’07  photo

    Joe Goldberg ’07

    Joe Goldberg ’07 may be a New England native, but he bleeds Orange. “My four years at Syracuse University were such a paramount time in my life. I loved being there, and staying connected with the University after graduation has been of utmost importance to me,” he says.
  • Zack Goldberg ’05 photo

    Zack Goldberg ’05

    After 10 years working in the Las Vegas gaming industry, Boston native Zack Goldberg ’05 was drawn back to his hometown, family and friends, and the city’s thriving startup culture. Now, as vice president of the SU Alumni Club of Boston, and head of driver operations for Fasten, a ride-sharing company, he’s sharing his knowledge and connections with Syracuse alumni and students alike.
  • Alan Goodman ’72  photo

    Alan Goodman ’72

    Keeping close ties to Syracuse University is important to Alan Goodman ’72—and he’s enthusiastic about SU’s efforts to connect with Boston alumni. “We have grown this relationship, and need to continue to build on our success,” says Goodman, a Boston-area architect who earned his degree in industrial design.
  • Ann Kardos ’02 and Lee Morrissette ’02  photo

    Ann Kardos ’02 and Lee Morrissette ’02

    Ann Kardos ’02 and Lee Morrissette ’02 attribute countless professional and personal experiences to Syracuse University. From meeting and dating as students, to camping across the country together after graduation, settling in Boston near a number of Syracuse friends, and even having a classmate officiate their wedding, the couple is grateful for the lasting connections made at SU. “Syracuse is in our blood; it’s really the background of our lives,” Kardos says.
  • Kristen Krikorian ’99  photo

    Kristen Krikorian ’99

    Kristen Krikorian ’99 is a New Jersey native, but she’s at home in Boston and spends much of her free time bringing area alums together based upon their common love for everything Orange.

  • Samantha Lordi ’07 photo

    Samantha Lordi ’07

    Samantha Lordi ’07 resides in Boston and works as a brand journalist at JLL, a global commercial real estate company. But in contrast to her quick and direct path to Syracuse, she describes her journey to Boston as long and winding.
  • Brianne Miers ’99 photo

    Brianne Miers ’99

    Since 2010 Brianne Miers ’99 has been a familiar face within the Syracuse University Alumni Club of Boston. Serving as club president for the past three years, she was committed to offering a wider variety of events to engage alumni of all ages and their families. Miers’ term ended in July, but she remains actively involved with the club and loves interacting with her fellow alumni.
  • Robert P. Mitchell G’75 photo

    Robert P. Mitchell G’75

    Bob Mitchell G’75 believes few things are as valuable as a good education, and that Syracuse University provided an amazing foundation for what is now his 37-year career in communications. 
  • Briana Palma photo

    Briana Palma

    Sometimes the journey home takes you halfway around the world. Like many students, Briana Palma ’09, a graduate of the College of Arts and Science and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, imagined she would end up working in New York City.

  • Spencer Raymond ’04 and Nyla Saleh ’04 photo

    Spencer Raymond ’04 and Nyla Saleh ’04

    For Nyla Saleh ’04 and Spencer Raymond ’04, good fortune and professional success has often sprouted from their experiences at Syracuse University. Now, as a vice president at Edelman PR, and chief financial officer of Rockpoint Group, respectively, the couple is excited to start a new chapter of their lives in Boston.
  • Gerri Slater ’78 photo

    Gerri Slater ’78

    Syracuse University shaped Gerri Slater’s professional and personal identity in many ways—from her student years and an unconventional career path, to becoming an SU parent and active volunteer.
  • Megan Wittenberger ’08  photo

    Megan Wittenberger ’08

    Attending college almost a thousand miles away from her Midwest home was the first major life decision that took Megan Wittenberger ’08 out of her comfort zone. But today the South Boston resident credits everything about her life and her flourishing public relations career to four amazing years at Syracuse University.
  • Steven Handler ’88 photo

    Steven Handler ’88

    For Boston Regional Council Member Steven Handler ’88, SU laid the foundation to carry on his family's legacy in the real estate business. Now, a special Orange bond connects Handler and his youngest daughter, a freshman on campus. Read his heartfelt reflection on his student years, professional lessons, and how he's giving back.