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Boston Orange Fund Benefits Local Students

Support Boston students with unforeseen expenses

Boston Orange FundSyracuse University has always stretched to make college education affordable through robust financial aid offerings. But students are often faced with unforeseen expenses that fall outside of their aid packages, like the costs of computers, dorm furnishings, and trips home in an emergency.

Unforeseen expenses like these can often be the difference between a successful college experience and one that ends prematurely. With this in mind, the Boston Regional Council has established the Boston Orange Fund. This new fund assists talented local students with demonstrated needs that fall outside of standard financial aid. It’s an important safety net for students and an excellent way for Boston alumni and friends to have an immediate impact with their giving!

Give to the Boston Orange Fund!

To learn more about the Boston Orange Fund and how you can support SU students from the Boston area, contact Elizabeth Feist, director of regional advancement, at or 315.443.3789. Or make a gift online using our secure giving form.